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ATFARM VRA maps – 1 year license​

ATFARM VRA maps – 1 year license​

ATFARM VRA maps – 1 year license​
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What is Atfarm? Atfarm is a digital tool to help farmers remotely monitor crop biomass and create variable rate nitrogen application maps with the aid of satellite imagery. Farmers can check the status of their crops and optimise the amount of nitrogen in top dressings to increase the crop’s yield.

How to start: If you have not created an account already, please Click here create your farm and test this new way to look at your crops.​You can start using Atfarm to follow the growth of your crops. Creation of an application map with variable nitrogen rates (VRA) is free for your first field. A license to create these VRA maps for all fields on your farm costs 1,950 reward points. When ordered, you will receive an e-mail with a unique code to unlock your account in Atfarm. ​
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