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Big Bag Knife

Big Bag Knife

Big Bag Knife
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Are you looking for a safe and convenient way to open big bags of fertilizer? Filling your hopper with fertilizer can be a hazardous task, but with Yara's new Big Bag Knife, suddenly the task is much safer.

Featuring a telescopic, ergonomically designed handle, the knife easily reaches under a bag of fertilizer keeping you out of harms way.

When finished, the blade folds away and is locked for safety.

Yara's Big Bag Knife is designed to open fertilizer bags and not for any other purpose. Yara can only guarantee the blade's functionality when used for its original purpose.

When using the knife it is important to make sure :

- Always wear non-slip footwear when using the knife
- Never work under hanging loads
- Always use both hands when using the knife
- To use the knife, push out the front handle to the fully extended position
- Always lock the blade after use - listen for the small click when folded
- Always follow the general safety recommendations

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