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Broad Spectrum Soil Health

Broad Spectrum Soil Health

Broad Spectrum Soil Health
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Soil Health is a balance of the chemical, physical and biological pillars of soil fertility. The BSE SOL test comprehensively covers all three of these pillars by providing full nutrient analysis of macro and micro nutrients, accurate determination of sand, silt and clay content by laser diffraction, an overview of key soil characteristics like pH, organic matter, C:N ratio, as well as revealing levels of aerobic microbial activity by the proven Solvita respiration technique. P K Ca Mg S B Cu Fe Mn Mo Zn Na CEC pH (including lime requirement) Soil Texture Classification (Sand % Solt % Clay) Organic Matter, Total Organic Carbon, C:N Ratio, CO2 Respiration, Microbial Biomass, Potentially Mineralisable Nitrogen, Soil Assessment Score. 

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